How Perfumes are Made

How Perfumes are Made

How perfumes are made? Just like music!

Perfume: “Musical Artists”

Did you know that perfume is just like music?  It is a blend of 30, 50, or even 100 different notes or ingredients?  But the song does not end there.

Not only must the master musician be able to recognize all the notes or ingredients but he must also know how to mix them according to their similarity of characteristics.  

He needs to exercise due care with proportions and consider whether certain notes are lasting or too short. He must have an amazing flair, allowing him to breathe in some 3,500 different notes that are exploited in blending an infinite variety of perfumes.

The master perfumer then will hear the “notes” in his mind, and according to the theme he has been meditating on write them down for laboratory experimentation.

Once he choses the ingredients, months of experiments are carried before he can arrive at the best possible combination.

This explains why perfumes, masterfully created years ago are still popular today.