How to Make Perfume at Home

How to Make Perfume at Home

Would you like to save some money on perfume? Why not try making some perfume at home?

$ How to make perfume at home?   

In our first video Sally shows us how to make perfume at home. Sally has a pleasing voice and it is obvious that she is an expert at making perfume at home.

She has made a selection of some of her favorite smells and she is going to build a perfume based on the florals.

She has a selection of fruity type smells, floral smells, some green and fresh smells, some woody smells and some spicy smells and some sweet smells.

$ How is she going to start?

She is going to start with the smells she likes best the floral ones. On her cotton wool pad, she is going to build up a songful of a smell.

If she likes it, she will convert that to a little perfume oil, and if she doesn’t like it, she can reject it and start again.

To make her perfume she adds:

* Jasmine, gardenia, and lily of the valley

She starts off with one drop of each and adds them to her cotton wool pad.

* Pomegranate

Now she is going to add a fruity smell. Pomegranate is a nice fresh smell for a good top note. So, when you smell the perfume this is going to be the first impression that you get.

* Tonka Bean

Tonka bean is a base note, it’s a cross between chocolate and vanilla.  By a base note we mean that this smell is going to hang around for a long time. Its not going to evaporate or go away to fast. This gives depth and structure to the perfume.

Now she needs to mix all of these ingredients into her little beaker. Her measuring beaker has the same amount of mills as her perfume bottle.

She will need to put in 30 drops of each one to create a blend after which she will dilute it with perfumer’s alcohol.

The alcohol will allow it to evaporate so the beautiful smell will go up in the air.

And that’s how you make a perfume at home.

No# 2. Video

We also recommend that you watch Astar’s Place.

Perfume: Pure Joy

Here Astar walks us through the steps on how to make a perfume that she calls “Pure Joy.”

If you want to make this recipe at home here are the ingredients.

Recipe is:

* 100 ml jojoba oil/wax

* Or fractionated coconut oil

* ½ teaspoon vanilla

* 1½ teaspoon rose, rosewood

* ½ teaspoon bergamot

* 15 drops sandalwood

* 15 drops jasmine

* 4 drops neroli

* 8 drops aniseed

* 8 drops vetiver