How to make your Fragrance last longer

How to make your Fragrance last longer

How to Make your Fragrance last longer?

Here are some tips and tricks for guys to make your fragrance last longer.

#1. Concentration

Take a look at the concentration.

Did you know that fragrances have a ranking in how they will perform on your skin?

This depends on the concentration of aromatic compounds. Here’s our ranks starting from the lowest and proceeding to the highest.

Lowest Highest

* Aftershave

* Eau de cologne

* Eau de toilet

* Eau de parfum

* Extrait de parfum

* Perfume oil (no alcohol)

So, if you are wondering why your fragrance isn’t lasting very long its likely because of the concentration.

#2. Spray it on your clothing.

Do at your own risk! (not something you can do with all fragrances)

Before spraying a fragrance on your clothing take a look at the color of the fragrance. If its too dark be careful you could actually stain your clothing.

Did you know that some oils can last on a scents strip for 400 hours?  Why do fragrances last longer on your clothes?  Well, your skin creates heat and heat evaporates your fragrances. But your clothes don’t produce heat so your fragrances last much longer.

For some good recommendations on which one to use check out the video.

Bonus tip: Spray it in your hair.

Why do they recommend that you spray it in your hair?  Because your hair contains natural oils which will retain the moisture of your fragrance for longer periods of time.

Also, if you spray it on the back of your head you will leave a nice little scent trail for others to pick up.

#3. Moisturize before you apply.

We all know that before you paint you must prepare the surface with a primer or under-body.

So, you need to create an adequate surface with optimal conditions for the fragrance to really live and breath on your skin.

The moisturizer will increase the longevity of your fragrance possibly adding 2 hours.

#4. Wear molecule 01

This is a fragrance that contains only 1 note, ISO-E-Super

The cool thing about ISO-E-Super is that it’s a base note, it’s a fixative, which means it has a longer molecular structure which will take a longer time to evaporate.

So, if you want a triple whammy here, you would put lotion on your hand or wherever, then you would spray molecule 01 on top of it. Wait about a minute and then spray your real fragrance on top of that.

#5. Don’t spray it on your neck

We need to remember that scent rises and if we spray the fragrance on our neck, we will be smelling it all the time and go into a state of olfactory fatigue to where you won’t smell the fragrance any more.

This isn’t because the fragrance stopped performing but because your body has tuned it out.  So, don’t spray it on your neck spray a little lower.