How to Make a Man’s Fragrance

How to Make a Man’s Fragrance

How to Make a Man’s Fragrance?

Let’s visit Astar’s place to see how.

The man in her life was out of fragrance and said to her sweetheart you are a lifesaver surely you could make me something.

She first gives us the ingredients which are:

* 5 drops of sandalwood

* 1 drop of vanilla

* 5 drops of lime

* 3 drops nutmeg

* 1 drop Vitvia

* 5 drops grapefruit

After she makes the fragrance, she likes to leave it in a dark place for 6 weeks so that all the essential oils can mature and merry and blend together. She does recommend we use a dark bottle.

To start she adds a tablespoon of witch-hazel, then she adds a teaspoon of glycerine, the organic type. And then she adds a teaspoon of Aloe vera. Then give it a good shake. Then she adds a little bit of water. And then it’s a matter of adding all of the other ingredients.

To differentiate the different notes, she adds little dots on the tops of the bottles. She uses green dots for the drop note, yellow dots for the mid note and red dots for the base notes.

Her man is going to smell great with this easy way of making a fragrance that doesn’t cost very much!