The Top 5 sexiest perfumes for women

The Top 5 sexiest perfumes for women

What are the Top 5 sexiest perfumes for women?

The Top 5 sexiest women perfumes.

#No 5.  Prada la femme

This fragrance is a plethora of fresh, clean and light soapy scents. Even though the Iris assumes a lessor note, it contributes finely to the overall clean feeling of the fragrance. The fragrance teems with floral notes. The tuberose consorts and mingles well with the Iris. The fragrance also contains the rich and lush note of Frangipani which adds a captivating yet distinctive flavor to the composition.  The note of beeswax adds a soft, creamy and luscious quintessence to the parfum.

The scent is floral-creamy.

Notes:  Vanilla, Vetiver, Frangipani, Ylang-ylang, Beeswax, Tuberose    

Longevity 7.5


#No 4.  Mon Guerlain

(Eau de Parfum)

The presentation for the Mon Guerlain is a feminine aesthetically pleasing and elegant bottle. This fragrance is highly unique. Its a very sophisticated oriental fragrance with light gourmand notes. The Tahitian vanilla brings a high-class sweetness to the parfum. The fragrance has a subtle hint of floral and spice. The lavender gives a nice earthy hue of freshness to the fragrance.  Its a warm and cozy fragrance, just inviting for the perfect first date.   

The scent is fresh-oriental.

Top Notes:    True lavender Bergamot

Heart Notes: Iris, Indian jasmine sambac

Base Notes:  Australian sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla

Longevity 7.8

#No 3. La Vie est Belle   

This perfume is absolutely sublime. It means life is beautiful. The longevity is extraordinary,  its like an endless love. This parfum has a stunning projection that is both captivating and alluring. The opening notes are an amalgam of sweet and fruity tones, co-mingled with a  delicate powdery undertone. It progressively cascades into an aromatic flowery scent of Iris and Patchouli with a gorgeous whisper of vanilla.  

The scent is sweet-floral.

Top Notes:    Blackcurrant, Pear

Heart Notes: Orange blossom, Jasmine, Iris

Base Notes:  Tonka bean, Patchouli, Vanilla, Praliné

Longevity 8.6

#No 2.  Light Blue Intense

The presentation is a slimline very elegant bottle with a blue glass frosting. The opening notes are a crisp Granny Smith apple with an almost imperceptible lemon tone. It delivers a surprisingly citrus aroma with a slight tinge of jasmine. The performance is above the line. 

The scent is fresh-citrusy.

Top Notes:    Granny Smith apple, Lemon

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Tagetes     

Base Notes:  Musk, Amberwood

Longevity 7.5

#No 1.  Poison Girl  (EDP)

The #No 1. most sexy perfume. The opening of this fragrance is a sweet Tonka been note with a hint of bitter orange that vanishes within a short moment.  It then hypnotically flows into a warm base of  Vanilla, Sandalwood and Almond. The Almond and Vanilla evokes a sweet gourmand-like aroma, but its not too overpowering. It is so good, rich and inviting. 

The scent is sweet-gourmand.

Top Notes:    Bitter orange, lemon

Heart Notes: Damask rose, Grasse rose, Orange blossom

Base Notes:  Tonka bean, Almond, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Longevity 8.1